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Caravan and Motorhome Heating

Specialist Automotive Products install a range of fantastic motorhome and caravan heating products from world renowned manufacturer Webasto. Heating your vehicle can make the difference when deciding whether to use your motorhome or caravan in the cooler months. Alternatively, our water heating products provide a combined heating purpose.

thermo top c

Thermo Top C

The main cause of cold motorhomes is due to the excessive heat loss through the windscreen. The Thermo Top C heater supplies warm air directly into the drivers cabin and throughout the inside of the motorhome, and is suitable for use on all motorhomes up to 7.5 tonnes. The system uses the diesel and water directly from the engine, making it more environmentally friendly, reducing the need for a separate heater.

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thermo 90 st

Thermo 90 ST

Due to its high heating power, the Thermo 90 ST is perfect for medium to large vehicles. It serves as an additional heater for your motorhome that creates effortless heating while driving. The Thermo 90 ST is fitted under the bonnet and is designed to be used when the engine is running, making it easy and quick to use. If you require heating without the engine running, you would need an additional circulation pump.

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thermo control elements

Heating Control Options

The MultiControl is a modern control panel that allows fast and easy operation of your heater. Whilst the engine is running, the timer can be used to schedule heating.

The Thermo Top C Digital Timer allows you to manually operate your unit, schedule a time whilst also being able to turn on instant heat, and can also be used as a digital timer.

The Thermo C switch allows you to heat the cabin only, or pre-heat the engine whilst also heating the cabin.

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heavy duty air top

Air Top 2000 STC Heater

Due to its low operating voltage and low fuel consumption the Air TOP 2000 STC is perfect for use as a main heater in campervan sized motorhomes, while also capable of being an additional heater in large sized motorhomes. These space air heaters are able to provide continuous heat in a short space of time due to the unit's reduced heat-up time and stepless power modulation, which helps the cabin to remain at a constant temperature.

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air top evo models

Air Top Evo Models

The larger model of the space heaters, Air Top EVO 3900, is designed for slightly larger vehicles due to its size and increased operating power. This model can be used as a main heater for larger motorhomes, such as semi-integrated style motorhomes, while also being used alongside additional heaters for models over 7.5 tonnes.

For motorhomes near and over 7.5 tonnes, the Air Top EVO 5500 model can be used as a main heater or additional heater, due to its high airflow and larger size. Air Top 5500 is part of the EVO model range, which include an in-built air pressure sensor, which allows the heater to adjust to pressure changes and low oxygen rates.

Due to how compact the heaters are, they can be fitted underneath or inside the vehicle. Many have in-built features such as altitude and pressure change adjustments, ECO heating and Fast (boost) heating.

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evo control elements

Air Top Control Elements

Webasto have a range of different control units that allow you to adjust and make the most of your Air Top Space Heater.

Air Top standard control is a simple dial that allows you to change the temperature up or down simply by turning a dial. The Air Top standard control also has a control element with a ventilation switch, so you can easily change between heating and ventilation.

The specially designed multi-control for EVO models allows you to make the most of the EVO quality functions by switching between different modes; normal heating, fast heating, ECO heating and ventilation. Other switches include the Altitude switch, which allows you to switch your unit between normal heating and heating adjusted to altitude and pressure.

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