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Thatcham Immobilisers

Specialist Automotive Products supply and fit Autowatch Thatcham Immobilisers and Alarm Systems. These products offer a range of high quality security solutions, and are approved by most insurance companies; in fact, most insurance companies only provide theft cover if a Thatcham-approved device is fitted to the vehicle. MIRRC is a Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre, the MIRRC are responsible for creating Thatcham approval tests and specifications. Every device that passes the tests are awarded the Thatcham approval and placed into one of three categories.

Thatcham Category 1

Category 1 (CAT 1) - Alarm/Immobiliser Security System.

Insurance companies and the police force highly recommend that vehicles of any sort should be fitted with a security system. A CAT 1 system provides the biggest deterrent to thieves due to its interior movement sensors, status light and early warning sensor, making it the preferred choice in security systems.

Autowatch 457LI/T provides a maximum security vehicle solution by combining an alarm and immobiliser security system. Autowatch 457LI/T also has the capacity to be connected up to 6 wireless sensors, and has additional security features, including self-arming immobilisers and alarm, and anti-ignition hotwire.

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Thatcham Category 2

Category 2 (CAT 2) - Immobiliser Security System.

An immobiliser prevents the engine from starting unless the correct key or code is given. The Autowatch 171 PPI Transponder Immobiliser is Thatcham Category 2 approved, and functions the same as a factory-fitted immobiliser.

The Autowatch 171 PPI has additional features, including self-arming immobilisation, anti-hotwire ignition and does not require batteries. All of these features help to protect and deter the potential theft of your vehicle.

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Thatcham Category 2 - 1

Category 2 to 1 (CAT 2-1) - Alarm Upgrade System

A CAT 2-1 is used to upgrade a CAT 2 system to a CAT 1 system; referred to as Alarm Upgrade Systems. Autowatch have several Thatcham-approved Alarm Upgrades available to change your immobiliser into a full alarm security system, offering more protection for your vehicle.

Autowatch have three Alarm Upgrades available for fitting, each with different features. The 458RL has the same features as the 457RL full security system without the immobiliser, and can work with up to 6 wireless sensors for additional security.

The 375CLAM PLIP Analog is ideal for vehicles without an alarm or any security, and is designed to work with a vehicle's original remote; enabling the alarm to be armed and disarmed without the need for an additional remote control.

The 695RLC PLIP CAN Bus Upgrade Alarm works with the CAN (Controller Area Network) and reduces costs yet increases reliability. The system is integrated into the CAN and is designed to work with the original controls of the vehicle, removing the need for additional remotes which can be fitted to most vehicles; this system can also work with up to 6 wireless sensors.

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346RLI Alarm

Non Thatcham Alarms

Autowatch also provide non Thatcham alarms and immobilisers, for customers who do not require a Thatcham Approved System. Even though the systems are not Thatcham Approved, they still offer significant vehicle security.

The Autowatch 346RLI Alarm System comes with remote keyless entry. The 346RLI Blue System offers additional features, including central locking, ultrasonic movement sensors, auto-arming alarm and an anti-key theft feature. Autowatch Key Guard pin code immobiliser adds chip and pin-style security, meaning that stolen keys cannot be used to steal your vehicle. There is a unique pin code for each immobiliser that allows you to disarm it, and the remote can be added to keys or can be mounted onto the vehicle. The 346RLI Red system provides all the same features and security as the blue range, as well as a perimeter alarm, which checks the doors, bonnet and boot to ensure they are all shut and locked.

The 375 CLAM Upgrade Alarm is almost identical to the Thatcham Approved version yet comes with a neodymium siren and optional keypad.

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