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Motorhome Generators

Having a generator on board your motorhome or caravan allows you to have power wherever you are in the world. Specialist Automotive Products supply and fit generators from top brands Dometic and Telair. Our experts are able to find the generator that best suits your space and usage for your motorhome or caravan.

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Dometic Tec Generators

Tec is the main brand of generators from Dometic, all of which provide 230W of power to the sockets in your caravan or motorhome. 230W is the same power as your house, allowing you to use any of your plugin appliances. Dometic Tec generators are environmentally friendly; they produce very little noise, and have excellent fuel effiency. The generator will also recharge the vehicle battery, so you never have to worry about it going flat.

Lightweight Dometic Tec 29 and Dometic Tec 60 are powered by unleaded petrol. The Dometic Tec 29 is ideal for smaller motorhomes and caravans due to its small 2600W continuous output, while the Dometic Tec 60 has a large continuous output of 6200W designed for larger motorhomes and caravans requiring more power outlets.

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tec 29 lpg

Dometic Models

Dometic also has 2 LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) models. These have the same features with slightly lower continuous outputs, making the unit quieter and more economical. The Dometic Tec 60 range has an auto start function that automatically recharges the battery when the battery voltage gets low.

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telair generators

Telair Generators

Telair generators are specifically designed for caravans and motorhomes. Telair’s range includes petrol, LPG and Gas generators.

All Telair generators are designed to be fit on the chassis underneath the vehicle, with soundproof casing to reduce any noise disturbance to the inside or outside of your motorhome. The control panel displays the oil and fuel levels, and also has a warning system for overheating, helping to prevent engine damage.

For more information on how to supply your motorhome or caravan with power or to arrange the installation of a Telair or Dometic generator, use our quick and easy contact form below.

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telair eco energy

Telair ECO Energy

The Telair ECO Energy runs on LPG, removing the need for a battery, creating an energy efficient range of generators. The ECO range has an operating temperature range of -25⁰C to +50⁰C and complies with the Environmental Protection Standards.

The Telair ECO energy is available in 2 models, the TG 480 and TG 600. Both offer similar specifications and sizes, but the TG600 has a higher rated current of 25 amps per hour (A/H) compared to the 20 A/H of the TG 480 model. The system is lightweight and compact, making the unit easy to fit, even in the smallest spaces in your vehicle. The system is also extremely quiet, producing a low level of noise pollution.

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