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Auto level your caravan in under 2 min and relax.

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Caravan Levelling Systems

Specialist Automotive Products supply and fit levelling systems to caravans around the UK. We install products manufactured by E&P Hydraulics, one of the industry leaders in caravan levelling.

If only it was as easy as attaching your caravan and driving to your favourite spot! Instead, your chosen destination has unlevel ground causing your caravan to be on a slant. Thereafter you may have to use basic levellers to solve your problem. E&P Hydraulics have a product called LEVELSYSTEM, whereby two supports are mounted to the axle of the caravan allowing it to be levelled side to side.

To help with levelling the front to back, the LEVELSYSTEM’s four Big Foot corner steadies replace your existing standard supports. This 6-support system, two for side to side levelling and four for front to back levelling, reduces the amount of force transferred through the floor. The LEVELSYSTEM supports are either automatic or can be adjusted manually, so you get the perfect level and significantly reduced wear or tear on your chassis.

2 year waranty

2 Year Warranty

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European Dealer Network

self levelling

Self Levelling in 2 minutes


Award Winning E&P Sales & Service

1 day installation

1 Day Installation

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E&P Features

  • Easy levelling, horizontal in 2 minutes, at the push of a button
  • Fully automatic, or manual
  • Sturdy and vibration free position
  • Added theft protection
  • Full hydraulic system
  • Wear and tear reduced
  • Compatible with other caravan accessories including motor movers
  • Easily setup
  • Can be used immediately
  • Waste water drainage improved
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Technical Data

  • For caravans/special trailers with max total weight up to 3.5t
  • Approx. 30kg net weight for the whole system
  • 240 watt hydraulic motor
  • 12 Volt operating voltage
  • Powered by the existing leisure battery
  • Very low current draw
  • 2 year warranty
  • Large, mobile pivoting support plate for corner steadies (AL-KO Big Foot)

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