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Caravan and Motorhome Alarms

Theft of your caravan or motorhome, or belongings inside your vehicle, is a traumatic experience. Specialist Automotive Products are trusted installation specialists for Autowatch Alarms. Autowatch provide some of the best security systems within the industry, helping you to protect your vehicle and its contents. Our team can help advise you on which alarm would suit your vehicle and usage the best, and our specialist fitters will professionally install your alarm and guide you through how it works.

Autowatch 650 Alarm

Autowatch 650 Caravan Alarm

The Autowatch 650 Carvan Alarm is made with the highest quality components using state of the art technology, providing a fantastic caravan alarm that is simple to use. The alarm is supplied with two remotes and two touchkeys; the remote buttons include arm, silent arm, disarm, silent disarm, panic and awning light functions.

Arming and disarming the alarms is as simple as pressing the relevant button on the remote, which is acknowledged by a single chirp or siren. The alarm also comes with a silent arm and disarm feature for use late at night.

The two touchkeys can be used to override the system as an emergency backup, and the remotes have a small button on the back to be used as a panic alarm, whether the alarm is armed or disarmed.

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Autowatch PIR Sensor

P.I.R Sensors

The Autowatch 650 is fitted with intelligent wireless P.I.R sensors with a range of up to 30m, and an estimated battery life of two years. For larger caravans, the system can be programmed with up to 12 sensors, including internal and external zones, providing excellent security coverage of your caravan. The system can be programmed with a home zone, allowing you to activate the alarm leaving the home zone disarmed, meaning you can move around without triggering the alarm. The system can also be fitted with leg sensors and magnetic reed switches to detect any attempted access to the outside lockers, windows or doors.

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LED Status and Power Usage

The Autowatch 650 comes with an LED warning light, showing you the status of your alarm, and providing a deterrent to potential theft. This feature has a very low power usage of less than 5mA when armed, ensuring maximum battery life. The awning/outside light also provides an indication when the main battery is low by reducing the duration of being lit when the system is armed or disarmed. To talk to a specialist about fitting your caravan with an Autowatch alarm, click the More Info button below.

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695 CAN BUS Motorhome Alarm

695 CAN Bus Motorhome Alarm

As immobilisers are now required by law, motorhomes have become increasingly difficult to steal. This has led to thieves breaking into motorhomes to steal property instead. The Autowatch 695 CAN Bus Motorhome Alarm is an insurance-approved system, offering you a potential discount on your insurance premium, as well as giving you peace of mind with an increased level of security. Controller Area Network, or CAN, has become a popular choice for vehicle manufacturers to increase reliability, provide economical component costs, reduce power consumption, and reduce weight, improving fuel consumption. The system can be fitted to any new vehicle with up to 6 wireless sensors, and is easily operated from the vehicle’s original remote control.

For more information on getting your motorhome fitted with an alarm, click the More Info button below, or call us on 0333 600 6070.

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