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Caravan and Motorhome Air Conditioning

When traveling to warmer places, your motorhome or caravan can become very hot and unpleasant. Specialist Automotive Products are experts at fitting air conditioning units to caravans and motorhomes, using brands such as Truma, Dometic and Telair. An air con unit is a perfect addition to your vehicle, helping to regulate the temperature for you and your passengers.

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Truma Aventa Comfort

The Aventa Comfort Air Conditioning model is a modern unit from the Truma range. Even with the unit's lightweight build, it has an extremely powerful cooling and heating output, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. A lot of air con units produce an excessive amount of noise when in use; this unit has a low-noise function that regulates the temperature without becoming a disturbance. The unit is flat fitted to the roof, providing space and movement around your vehicle, which other units would be occupying.

The Aventa Comfort is designed for vehicles of lengths of up to 7.5m. With split airflow functionality, the Aventa Comfort allows you to only heat or cool certain areas of your motorhome, allowing your vehicle's temperature to be altered efficiently.

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telair dual clima

Telair DualClima Range

The Telair DualClima Range are roof fitted air conditioning units that are designed for medium to large luxury motorhomes and caravans. Roof top installation saves space within your motorhome, which is a great option for all vehicles - even larger models. Another advantage to a roof top installation is that warm air rises and cool air falls, helping to effectively circulate cool air throughout your vehicle.

There are 2 units in the DualClima range; the 8400H has a cooling capacity of 2400W, which makes it ideal for caravans and motorhomes which measure between 6.5 and 8 metres. The 12400H model is designed for vehicles up to the length of 10 metres, with a large cooling capacity of 3100W. Both models have a remote-control function with a timer setting and an auto mode, where the unit maintains the temperature selected by changing between heating and cooling features. This unit is designed to be fitted to a motorhome or caravan with a roof thickness of 3cm to 7 cm.

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telair silent range

Telair Silent Range

Telair have a Silent range that is designed to reduce the noise of the unit both inside and outside of the vehicle. The silent range is suitable for motorhomes of caravans of up to 8 metres in length. All units in the silent range are installed to the roof, saving space and making the most of your air conditioning unit. The units are fitted with probes to prevent icing and damage, and are suitable for fixture on a roof with a thickness of 3cm to 7cm.

The four units in the silent range are made for different sized vehicles; the 5400H is ideal for motorhomes or caravans of lengths between 5-6 metres because of its smaller cooling capacity of 1700W. The 7400H unit has a cooling capacity of 2200W and is designed for vehicles between 6-7 metres long. Vehicles up to 8 metres in length would benefit most from having the 8400H air conditioning due to its large 2460W cooling capacity. The smallest unit in the range is the 3800H, which is suitable for small caravans and motorhomes without access to large amounts of power, with a 1050W cooling output - perfect for campsites.

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Dometic Freshjet

The Dometic Freshjet 110 has a lightweight design, a low starting current, and as the smallest air conditioning unit on the market, it is ideal for use in smaller motorhomes and caravans. Due to its small size, the unit saves roof space and allows you to install other equipment alongside the unit. It can cool and dehumidify by distributing air in two different directions and comes with an easy remote control.

The Dometic Freshjet 1700 is very much like the Freshjet 110 with its low starting current and small size. However, the Freshjet 1700 is suitable for motorhomes and caravans with lengths of up to 6 metres. The lightweight unit can cool and heat, regulating your motorhome's temperature all year round. Also available is the Dometic Freshjet 2200, which has all the same features as the 1700 with cooling, heating and dehumidifying features, but is designed for larger motorhomes and caravans of up to 7 metres in length.

The Freshjet 2600 and 3200 are suitable for larger vehicles. The Freshjet 2600 is designed to provide heating, cooling and dehumidifying features to vehicles up to 8 metres in length, and has a soft start function that is perfect for campsites with limited or no electrical protection. The Freshjet 3200 is designed for vehicles larger than 8 metres in length, and is fitted with a heating pump, providing cool air to your vehicle on warm days, but also an excellent heating solution on chilly nights or cold days.

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Dometic Freshlight

The Dometic Freshlight is designed to work with natural light, providing an energy efficient unit through allowing light in. It is an energy efficient solution that comes in two versions for different sized motors.

The Freshlight 1600 is suitable for vehicles with lengths of up to 6 metres, and has features that allow natural light in or simply block it out, which makes the most out of its roof installation. The unit not only cools down your vehicle but can also dehumidify and heat your vehicle on a cold night. A simple control panel allows you to change between these options easily and quickly, helping you to regulate temperature efficiently.

The Freshlight 2200 is designed for larger vehicles up to 7 metres in length, with the same features as the 1600 model, and an output that is capable of regulating temperates in larger vehicles, where the Freshlight 1600 would struggle.

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Dometic Fresh well

This unit is an excellent air conditioning solution for motorhomes and caravans of lengths longer than 8 metres. It can be more difficult to regulate temperature in larger vehicles, using more power and taking a longer time to cool down. With the Dometic Freshwell 3000 you get a convenient air con unit that also saves space, with the ability to distribute air to either one room or several rooms, all with an easy to use remote control. The Freshwell 3000 is an all purpose module that is capable of providing cool and warm air.

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